My guitar has some string buzzing problem, I really need help

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Hello everyone,

I’m kind of a self taught player; I have a fender guitar I bought back in Norway.

I’ve had it for 3 years now never had trouble with it until the following happened ….

After finding out about this problem, a church member told me that it had to be a problem with the neck block nail, something about it not being tight/loose enough.

I tried fixing it myself and it was kinda working but then other strings started acting up….

I can’t even tune them correctly.

How can I fix it? Did I screw it in too much? Is there a video tutorial on it?

I don’t really know it you know what I mean Sorry for all the inconvenience; I feel kinda dumb not knowing about that part of my guitar.

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Strings buzz when they vibrate against frets beyond where you are pressing them. The problem may simply be a truss rod that is too tight, but other likely problems include a worn/damaged nut, warped/twisted/rippled neck/fretboard, protruding fret(s), or a problem with the bridge/saddle.

If the guitar is worth the trouble, take it to a local guitar shop or luthier for an inspection. If it’s just something you want to play around with, the first thing to do is find out where the buzzing is occurring. Once you locate the problem, determine if it’s a fret problem or a string height problem. Sight down the fretboard to see if there’s ripple/twist/warpage or just a protruding fret. Oftentimes a truss rod adjustment is all that is needed, but it’s not unusual to have to replace the nut and saddle. None of this is difficult, but take your time and make small adjustments. You might need to have a luthier fix it if the neck is twisted or warped, or if the fretboard is rippled. But without seeing the instrument myself I can’t give you any specific help.

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