Let’s see if we can get Cordoba to mass produce these guitars…

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I just sent Cordoba the following message via the following link and I’m here to gather and encourage others to do the same, if you think it’s a good idea?…


You all should make the C9, C10, and F10, available as 3/4 size guitars (615mm scale length), with spruce top (if that’s not already an option), saddle pick-up and internal mic with EQ system (electronics), and left handed, although, I would even buy them if they were right handed (not available for lefties) and have the saddle groove on the bridge plugged and rerouted to switch it to left handed, as long as the fan bracing allowed for that (was the same for the bass and trebles). If you make the fan bracing different for the bass and trebles, then please make a separate left handed version available. Thanks!

Notice the full specs…





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Email them every month, once a month, as that is how often they notify marketing about suggestion they get.

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