Hello from California’s North Coast

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Hello All,

I make classical and flamenco guitars, and teach guitar making and flamenco playing. I’m located in the little town of Fort Bragg on California’s beautiful North Coast—Mendocino County—all very scenic and historical (;->)…

Current website: www.lessonsinlutherie.com

I’m working on a new website to be “on the air” about mid August, 2017:


It will have a bunch of videos demonstrating my guitars as well as videos of my “techno-weenie” methods of wood testing and voicing.

It’s nice to discover a small guitar forum!


Brian Burns

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1 on July 3, 2017

Welcome Brian.  I bought some peghed tuners from you several years ago and appreciated your input into the build of my flamenco guitar.

Looking forward to checking out your videos.  Please drop a line here once they land.

on July 4, 2017

I’m glad I was able to help! I still fit Planetary Pegs to my ultralight flamencos, unless someone wants to pay for Alessi F6’s—very lightweight machine tuners.

Anyone that wants to build a flamenco guitar has my attention (:->)…




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