[Book] You can play alone. Classical Guitar Duet.

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Hi~~  I would like to introduce a new book.

Isn’t it boring to just play solos?
Do you have any partners to join the duet?
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet often or have similar skills?

“Now you can do duets it alone”
You can play the duet with professional musicians from now on.
You can play following by recorded CD.
It has listed six songs from the easy-to classics.

All songs will provide the complete score, part score, and tab sheet music, and have listed a total of 30 notes.
The supplied CD includes a sound source of the professional musician and 126 high-quality sound sources for training.
You can give a concert or hold busking with the CD.

■ CD audio
= Full, Guitar1, Guitar2, Guitar1 slow(3) and Guitar2 slow(3)
+ The professional musicians recorded directly in the good environment of the studio.
+ We adjusted the tone as much as possible to make you feel like you are live with a duet.
+ Playing slowly has three tempos so you can practice step by step.

■ Score
+ There are five kinds of sheet music for every song.
= Full, Guitar1, Guitar2, Guitar1 Tab and Guitar2 tab
+ Because of the wire binding method, the book is fully extended.
+ It is large in A4 size, so it is easy to view the score.
+ Reduced work to turn over the page since it starts from left page.
+ Easy to understand the phrases by ranging each measure 4.
+ Easy to check the position since it puts rehearsal marks and measure numbers.
+ Even beginners can check the fingering with tab sheet music

■ Get a free sample from our website


■ Buying


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