Average max im , ma & ima bpm.

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6 on July 24, 2019

I would like to know what the expected level of max im , ma & ima bpm (beats per minute) tempo is professional players reach.

I have played and performed my entire life, but have some weaknesses I can directly trace back to sluggish speed especially with ma.

I want to start a short practice every day to increase these tempos, but is not sure what typical TARGET tempos are required for such a practice routine.

Thank you.


i noticed there is a lot of spam on this forum and wonder if it is alive.

I tried to find the unsubscribe option under my account but there is none.

So I rather decided to ask my question and see if there is still anyone active reading the forum.

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My concert level guitarist Chaconne can play 16th notes at 170 bpm.  That amazes me. (680 notes in a minute.)  I’m not even close to that. 

As for your question, I don’t check very often anymore due to all the spam on the site.  I imagine that’s the case with a lot of those who used to post things often.

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Thank you for the kind and timely response, very much appreciated.

680bpm .. rough …

I am more in the 400s with “im” and “ma” I am too ashamed to list.

It is starting to bite me, after all these years and I will have to work hard on it.

Why dont the moderators just take care of the spam, I obviously got good info from a qualified player, so it can be a good group.






on July 25, 2019

I should have said my daughter Chaconne.  

You can double your speed with “im” compared to just one of the fingers, but you can’t do that with “ma” because pf the way fingers work.  I’ve always thought it’s so much more important to be musical anyway rather than fast with no feeling for the music.  If you want to see someone fast check out Grisha Goryachev on YouTube.

This used to be a really great site with lots of contributions from some very knowledgable and great players.  Hopefully it will someday return to that.

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0 on July 26, 2019

I totally get you with playing with taste rather than a speed daemon, but I can tell you that even taste goes off if you cannot at least play pima at speeds way above of the pieces you do.

I had that experience lately.

A tempo piece but not severe, and I had trouble phrasing it. Turned out that I had sluggish speed since I do not practice pima consciously anymore.

You dont do pima speed exercises necessarily to become Narcisso Yepes, it gives you the abiity to express yourself better even at very slow tempo.

I am now at

im 550bpm

ma 450bpm

pima 450bpm

The last one tells you that the ma sluggishness causes the pima failure.

I have to get im at 600 and ma above 500 at least.






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