[ANN] Ten Music Notation Programs, Second Edition

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This post is offered here because there may be some interest in music engraving, but also because Vyssotsky’s Elegy as arranged for classical guitar is a fun little piece of music — maybe especially suitable for encores.
This document presents a one-page score as engraved by ten of the most popular music notation programs: Dorico, Encore, Finale, LilyPond, MuseScore, Music Press, Notion, Overture, Score, and Sibelius. Although all of these applications feature extensive flexibility and offer high quality engraving, each has its own personality, and comparison may be helpful to the musician or engraver making a choice among them.
Unsolicited comments about earlier versions of this document include:
Absolutely amazing! . . . Interesting! . . . This is certainly a worth while endeavor . . . a really great idea and I’m glad that someone is taking the time to do it the right way . . . I love seeing how each program handles music . . . I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lineup of professionally engraved scores like this before. It’s a great idea. I must say, I find it very encouraging that there is still a large element of personality to be found in every one of the engravings, despite the nature of computers. Long may that continue! . . . Very interesting indeed to see the subtle differences in the notation and how the eye perceives it for clarity . . . Nice work! . . . Thank you so much! . . . This is wonderful!
This second edition includes revisions to the samples done in Dorico (version 1.1) and Notion (version 6.2).
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I have just learned that the document shows errors (Dorico’s label doesn’t appear; Notion’s label is upside down at the bottom of the page; maybe others) when displayed in a web browser. Please download the file and open it in Adobe Reader or another standalone PDF viewer. It will print better that way too. Thanks.

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