A new fan braced Schramm

Updated on July 7, 2017 in Luthier's Corner
4 on November 22, 2016

I’ve been getting fantastic results with this design. Going to build myself one!

This client requested an arm rest.

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0 on November 25, 2016

Great looking rosette.


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2 on January 2, 2017

Thanks Paul.  

The arm rest isn’t standard BTW. 

on July 1, 2017

Hello David,

It’s nice to see you on this homey forum!

I’m interested in this asymmetrical bracing pattern as a possible cure for what seem to be inevitable dead notes up the first string above the 5th fret.

I’m using a slight variation on the José Romanillos//Jeff Elliot symmetrical bracing pattern, with the open cross bars and a fan brace going up into the upper bout. There is such a forest of strong resonances as you go up into the upper region of the first string, that one or another seems to land on a scale tone. Does this bracing pattern help to smooth out the response in the high treble region?




on July 7, 2017

I’ve always had good luck with asymmetrical bracing. This design is fantastic. The bridge patch is thick on purpose. I’m purposely making the bridge area heavier.

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